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Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh Father, Pretty Please?

The Colbert Report recently highlighted the folks in Washington D.C. who are rallying for people across the country to pray for lower gas prices:

FOX News Anchor: Can the power of prayer ward off the pain at the pump? Clergy members and other demonstrators believe it's worth a shot. They gathered yesterday joining other groups across the country calling on a higher power to step in.

Colbert: Pray for lower gas prices. Remember folks, God hears all prayers, but sometimes his answer is “let market forces handle it.”
Reminds me of prosperity theology which teaches the faithful that, among other things, if they pray hard—and pray right—God will deposite money into their bank accounts. For real. From Wikipedia's article on Peter Popoff:
God will make “divine transfers” into a viewer's “divine account.” His infomercial states that “A divine transfer is supernatural. This is not money you're going to make from your job. ... God is going to supernaturally put money into your account.”


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