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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hmm, Toothpick or Electrical Cables

Nothin' says lovin' like a “light” beating. Just don't leave a mark, since then other people might see it. There's something surreal about seeing this kind of dark-ages debate happening in modern TV studios. Is it okay to think that Mohammed's relationship advice might be a little quaint?
No? Too soon? Click an image to watch the full video.
Him: Light beatings are not excessive. They don't leave a mark, don't break bones, and don't cause bleeding. These are light beatings.
With some women - nothing helps except beatings.
Her: And with some men - nothing helps except beatings.
Him: With some women - nothing helps except beatings!
Her: And with some men - nothing helps except beatings!
God is aware of men's needs.

He knows that a man may have just come home, and maybe he desires something or maybe he saw something.

He knows what this need is, and this why he ordered the wife to consent to her husband.
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This last interview with a convicted Egyptian rapist is really bizarre. The whole thing seems manipulated to teach the “sluts deserve to be raped” mentality but with a weird God twist.
Her: How old are you, Ayman?
Him: 26 years old.
Her: What were you sentenced for?
Him: Kidnapping and rape.
Her: What was she wearing?
Him: She wore a short dress, which didn't have enough material for a sleeve.


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