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Saturday, April 22, 2006

How to Save an Atheist

Hilariously simple minded. Flawed analogies. Classic misrepresentation of evolution. They're right about atheists having to be technically agnostic, but that misses the point entirely. I absolutely love the bananas-were-designed-for-people argument.

Someone must've explained to them the flaws in their arguments by now, but I bet they keep using them anyway because they're effective at stumping someone on the street who's not ready for it. I'm a bit disappointed that the presumably "average" atheists they interview aren't better at trouncing all over these bogus arguments. Likewise I'm sure it makes a lot of religious people wince when they hear some yokel defending their faith with particularly lame arguments.

I guess the point of what Ray Comfort is doing is to convert (er, save) people, not to have a real debate—hence the bait and hook analogy that he himself uses to describe what he does. In that respect he kind of reminds me of Ken Ham.

You can read more about this group, The Way of the Master, at Wikipedia; don't forget to check out the Criticism section.


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