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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Davenport Gaffe

I went to the Town Hall meeting to hear what people on campus were saying about the UWO Gazette "teach her a lesson" rape joke controversy. There was lots of talk about disgust, outrage, accountability, some very moving stories, and even a couple of sweeping generalisations about men which I tried not to take personally.

I'm really glad I stayed for the whole thing because right at the end Davenport gets up to speak and, at about the 30 second mark, expressed his sincere concern for "the weaker members of society." If I had been drinking milk, it would've sprayed out of my nose at that moment. I started laughing to myself, and as Davenport paused awkwardly (realising what he'd just said, I'm sure) you could hear a few quiet "how can he say that?" and "what did he just say?" comments before a bunch of people started booing him. He then tried to recover with "uh, or rather, vulnerable?" before finally settling on something more long-winded and politically correct, which I forget now. Did I mention A-channel was there to get all this on tape? LOL.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol...maybe it's time to update Davenport's Wikipedia article...

2:35 p.m.


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