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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Now that AOL has released the private search data of thousands of users, anyone can browse the search queries of user #XXXXXX over at aolstalker.com. Here's a sample of a popular one, user #672368. Absolutely fascinating:
2006-03-05: curb morning sickness
2006-03-09: get fit while pregnant
2006-03-11: he doesn't want the baby
2006-03-11: uou're pregnant he doesn't want the baby
2006-03-11: you're pregnant he doesn't want the baby
2006-03-11: online degrees theology schools
2006-03-11: online christian colleges
2006-03-11: online bachelor degree theology
2006-03-12: foods to eat when pregnant
2006-03-14: baby names and meanings
2006-03-28: maternity clothes
2006-03-29: pregnancy workout videos
2006-03-29: buns of steel video
2006-03-29: is yoga alligned with christianity
2006-04-17: abortion clinics charlotte nc
2006-04-17: greater carolinas womens center
2006-04-17: can christians be forgiven for abortion
2006-04-17: roe vs. wade
2006-04-18: abortion clinic charlotte
2006-04-18: symptoms of miscarriage
2006-04-18: abortion clinic charlotte nc
2006-04-20: engagement rings
2006-04-20: high risk abortions
2006-04-26: wedding gown styles
2006-05-14: www.substanceabusepreventionservices.org
2006-05-26: demetrios bridesmaid dresses
2006-05-27: marry your live-in
2006-05-31: family specialist
2006-05-31: family specialist hospital


Blogger Him said...

dontdelete.com is the best one...they have the randomizer that is hilarious and scarey

5:13 p.m.


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