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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Harper to the Rescue

The CBC is reporting that Stephen Harper is going to take a detour on his way home from the G8 meeting and personally rescue a few Canadians stranded amongst the current violence in Lebanon. Before leaving for Cyprus, he's going to leave non-critical staff behind to make room for as many civilians as possible on the trip home to Canada.

When I first read that, I immediately thought "Ugh! He's just trying to look like a hero. It's 100% photo-op" but then I told myself not to be so cynical. After all, he is helping people by doing this, so why question his intentions?
Officials said only Harper's wife, Laureen, and a couple of his communications staff and his official photographer, will fly to Cyprus with him.
Right. Critical staff. Like his god damned official photographer. Bleh, oh well, I'm sure Paul Martin would've done the same.


Anonymous Ryan said...

Yeah.. that's a pretty good point..

I have always wondered if I would be able to survive in politics if I simply did what was right and made sense all the time, with absolutely no regard for political correctness or public opinion.

I would vote for a guy like that.. a guy who says "I've got better things to do, like run this country" to every reporter or photographer who wanted to take a picture. Imagine that.. a NO-BS politician..

4:26 p.m.

Blogger Andrew said...

Yeah, I have to admit, Harper gives off a no-BS vibe so maybe he just gets pressured by the people around him to do PR stuff like this, I dunno.

I guess it's our own fault (the public) or the press's fault because we don't pay enough attention to notice anything positive a politician does unless they grandstand about the whole thing.

7:06 p.m.

Anonymous Ryan said...

Yeah, that's why I wonder if the no-press no-bs approach might work..

At first, nobody would take notice because the good deeds wouldn't be in the newspaper, but after a while I'm sure a few informed people would take notice, spread the word, after a while the politician would gain a solid reputation for being the first guy to actually do things right and not grandstand about them.

It would be an interesting idea.. the real problem here is that you only get chance to build a political career, and nobody is willing to gamble that chance on a new approach like that.

10:10 a.m.


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