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Friday, June 23, 2006

Negative Results

A friend and I were just talking in the lab about the fact that negative don't get published. I've already been bitten by this a couple of times, and I'm also guilty of it a couple of times. He mentioned the science commons projects underway which will maybe have an effect, someday. Then I came across this CBC column that mentions a Journal of Negative Results for both Biomedicine and Ecology/Biology. The article goes on to suggest that Canada actively push for publication of negative results, since no one else seems interested:
[W]hat would be a better specialization niche for a place where the expression of national self-definition is as "cautious as a Canadian", than for us to become the world's centre of null hypothesis journals. It would be relatively cheap to do and think how natural and proud it would feel telling your children and your grandchildren: Because of Canada, this is what humanity now knows doesn't work.


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