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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Every Sickness

Saw this place across the street and had to take a snapshot. Click to see the rest of this divine storefront of the Holy Spirit. This kind of garbage is when it stops being fun and games. If they were just healing stuff like minor arthritis and depression then, hey, as long as they don't charge money, chalk it up to placebo and no harm done. But cancer and diabetes are dangerous things to pretend to heal. There should be some kind of law forcing places like this to make sure their `healees' have gone to see a real doctor as well.

Hmm, I never thought of this before, but do insecure boys/men pray to God for a bigger ... doodle? AAAHahaha, I just googled "penis enlargement prayer" and came up with this site by a self-described penis enlargement expert:
Making a Spiritual Connection to your Penis Enlargement.

This is another area of growth that I find very important. After having the best exercise routine I can possibly have I thank GOD. GOD is my higher power, use your own. Thanking a power greater than yourself will keep you humble and thankful for all you are gaining. It is very easy for a man to become egotistical and un-humble, but putting your trust and appreciation in a higher power really helps to keep me humble. I never pray for gains, I only thank God for the gains I get.
I hope Google doesn't use my "penis enlargement prayer" search for evil.


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