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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Science of Jelloopdeloops

Funny that the Discovery Channel would choose to separate its gifts for boys and girls. From the link:
Here's the first five gifts for the boys:
  1. Discovery Whodunit? Forensics Lab
  2. Discovery Fingerprint Lab
  3. Discovery Speed Detector
  4. Radio Control Equalizer Stunt Car
  5. Discovery Remote Control Chromashift Roboreptile

Very sciency. Now for the girls:
  1. Discovery Ultimate Pottery Wheel
  2. Discovery Knit Kit
  3. Discovery Deluxe Nail Salon
  4. It's My Life Scrapbook Kit
  5. Discovery Friendship Bracelets
  6. Discovery Jelloopdeloops Jewelry Kit (just what the fuck is a "Jelloopdeloop"? Somehow I don't think Marie Curie played with Jelloopdeloops)
  7. Klutz ® Paper Fashions Kit
  8. It's All About Me Quiz Book (yes, one can never be too vacuous)
Well, event though it's weird for Discovery to separate its gifts in the first place, what the guy forgot to mention was that their web site sorts each category by best sellers first. So, really it's the parents that are responsible for "Discovery Deluxe Nail Salon" being a best seller <shudder>.

Update: Oh man, check out these science toys for girls. I especially like the Spa Science Kit: "Kids blend natural and organic materials to make an oatmeal mask, rose bath balm, and aromatherapy oils. A great way to cultivate a girl's interest in science." (wtf!?)


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